Embracing the Elements Image
January 08 - February 05, 2016
Three artists come together to embrace the natural elements of earth, wood, sand, and water whether through their medium or through their subject matter. K. Daphnae Koop constructs panels of re-purposed wood with inlayed streams of shattered glass and finishes them with layers of paint, color washes, metal leaf, and vanish. The finished product, although non-representational, often evokes a pictorial landscape, an aerial view, or rippling waters. Matthew Quinn, a highly technical potter, crafts beautifully shaped vases, platters, and other functional pieces using white stoneware and covers them with lush matte and ash glazes in an earthy palette of greens, blues, and ochre. The resulting pieces are stunning in both their elegance and how they maintain an organic feel. Photographer Terra Rathai captures the natural elements and all their delicacy through her camera’s lens. Her work is rooted in contemplative observation and an open-minded exploration of the visual. She focuses on instances of nature that would typically be overlooked as ugly, drab, or dead and instead captures the rich subtlety of their limited color palette as elegant, peaceful, and poignant.