Follow the Muse is both the business name and philosophical principle underlying the lives and the art of Marc Clements and K. Daphnae Koop.

Marc is a painter whose stone and wood sculpting informs and affects his work on canvas. Daphnae is a painter whose canvas is heavily textured, carved wood. Together they also create jewelry focusing on smooth beach stones gathered on the shores of Lake Superior. The Voice of the Muse is often elusive; the art of following is the focus of our work.

We also feature guest artists in our gallery space. We have a very specific vision and focus, and concentrate on work that is unusual and experimetal. Our artists tend to be materials-based; allowing their materials to dictate the outcome of the piece rather than striving toward a specific vision. Most of what we show is rich with texture and color, and the materials show their true nature in spite of the alterations made by the artist. Much of the work in our gallery is rough and raw instead of being more polished, and the hand of the artist is always apparant in the finished work.

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Marc Clements


Following my Muse has taken me on a circuitous path through many different materials and mediums. I principally consider myself to be a painter although for the last decade I have been working in stone and have now apparently moved on to wood. I don’t feel like I utilize three dimensional materials as a sculptor would: I tend to leave the base shape of the materials untouched and use surface applications of color and texture more like a painter affects canvas.

Regardless of the medium, throughout my body of work runs a consistent theme of mythology and imagination.

Whether it is stones with Celtic patterns or Crop Circles, paintings from the Small Death series or the Tree of Life, the Bone pieces, the Wishbird Skulls, Krampus and the Perchten or my current fascination of the Totem Pole Watchers mythology plays the central role.

Come visit and see for yourself. I will attempt to show you something you have not seen before and perhaps skew your outlook on the world ever so slightly. 


K. Daphnae Koop

As a painter and jewelry artist, I focus on the color, texture, and character of the natural materials that are the heart and soul of my work.

My jewelry is crafted of Lake Superior beach stones and beads; the stones are drilled, banded, or carved; then polished and crafted into one-of-a-kind necklaces.

My paintings are mixed media on carved wood panels, with shattered glass and other objects added into the finished surfaces. They are non-representational; texture, color, and simple forms are paired with titles that suggest, but do not impose, the themes that are carried by the look and feel of the piece.

My interest in used or abused materials is central to my work. It is an expression both of the life and beauty that exists in the ordinary, and of notions of reclamation and rebirth. Combined and embellished with the rich texture of paint and the sparkle of shattered glass, destruction and decay is transformed into beauty and triumph.


Your Art, Our Space

Follow the Muse Gallery has display space available for rent to both 2-D and 3-D artists.  The Gallery is located on the main floor of the Northrup King Building in Northeast Minneapolis; the heart of the Minneapolis Arts District. 

We offer a one- to three-month lease per featured artist.  We are also available for special events and openings - if you would like an opportunity to showcase your work, contact us to discuss the possibilities.